Bers Nova is an adventure started in 2012 in a garage full of friends who set out to create a beer without compromises and without being constrained by patterns and far outdated rules.

Inspired by the greatest rock music, we have produced over 100 different recipes. Today we welcome the consumers of good beer with a selection of unique craft beers. Starting 2019 we produce beer in our own factory, a new and modern building, designed after the most overparticular standards in the production of craft beer.

Paul Olau


„Our beers are defined by the unique taste and the diversity. Each beer is unique because we put our personal mark and passion in what we produce and that is the beauty and joy of discovering what we do. Also, classical rock music is what defines and differentiates us because it accompanies and inspires us along the way”




At Bers Nova we have a production capacity of 2.000 hl every year, split in multiple beer styles. A batch is 16 hl, which means that you will always get fresh and aromatic beer.

The main types of beer we produce are IPA, Stout, Porter, Pale Ale, Hefeweizen.

Craft beer is very different from standard beer produced in large factories for many reasons.The beer is produced in small batches, with special attention in the production process. The high quality ingredients gives a fresh beer without preservatives, dyes and food enzymes, naturally fermented. The whole process is manual.